Thursday, December 22, 2005

Bicycling Firefighter Injured

There has been a nearly giddy atmosphere in the City the past few days as cyclists and pedestrians are so visible and cyclists especially are out in record numbers. However, the injury of the firefighter this morning shows that there is still much to be desired before cyclists have the space and safety on the streets that they need. Biking down Broadway last night should have been a treat, with a lane coned off for cyclists and emergency vehicles. Instead drivers moved the cones, double parked in the lanes and buses edged over until there was no room for cyclists to move. Biking on New York City streets and in bike lanes shouldn't be a squeeze play. Cyclists need room to move, room for error, room to avoid turning vehicles and buses that edge over too far. The City needs to take notice of how many people choose to bike during the strike, and ask themselves, how many more would bike on a daily basis if it was safer and more convenient to do so.

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