Monday, November 07, 2005

Its Over!

Thanks to everyone that visited our blog. One last item here, its perfectly OK to keep your bike in your regular routine. Whether its bicycling to the store the bus stop or all the way to work.

As a bonus check out this video that shows you how to bring your bike on the bus.

Bike on Bus Video

Friday, November 04, 2005

Bike The Strike!

Home Grocery Delivery in Philadelphia

Acme Markets and Genuardi's are two supermarket chains that offer online shopping and home delivery, a very convenient service for the car free.

For Genuardi's The minimum order is $50, and delivery costs $9.95 with a two-hour window for delivery, or $7.95 with a four-hour delivery window. Orders over $150 have a delivery charge is $4.95.

Acme charges $9.95 for delivery they emphasize that there is no tipping of the drivers.

Commuter Route Maps Online

One barrier to bicycle commuting is route selection. The Commuter Route map page on the Bike the Strike website provides point to point route maps created by local bicycle commuters from all over the Philadelphia region. The page includes directions on how to create your own maps.

Thursday, November 03, 2005

Bike Expo on Friday

The Bicycle Coalition will be hosting a bicycle commuter expo from 12 - 1:30 PM featuring bicycles designed with commuters in mind, including bikes that can be folded up in thirty seconds and carried on a train, bikes with built-in fenders and lights for all weather riding as well as trailers for carrying small children to day care or school.

The Bicycle Coalition will be giving away Bike the Strike blinky lights and demonstrating techniques for safe night riding.

Two local companies will be displaying their bikes. Fuji Bicycles moved its world headquarters to Philadelphia in 2004. The Xootr Swift bike was designed by Wharton professor Karl Ulrich and is an update of the original custom made Swift Folder.

The bicycle expo will be a human-powered, congestion-free event. No automobiles will be used to carry supplies to the event.

Valet Bike Parking at Breakaway Bikes

If you work or shop in the Rittenhouse Square or the Market St West areas you can valet park your bike at Breakaway Bikes at 1923 Chestnut St. They are open from 8am to 8pm.

The Morning Drive In

I drove in to Center City this morning to return a Philly Car Share Toyota Prius to the One Parkway City Lot from Northeast Philadelphia this morning via I-95 and the Vine St. Expressway.

Time Left 7:09 AM
Time Arrived 8:11 AM

Travel Time
Total Mileage
12.9 Miles
Average Speed
12.5 MPH
Percent of Miles on I-95 and Vine St Expressway
11.7 miles = 91%

This data does not include the 5 block walk to work. And of course Philly Car Share's parking space is reserved and courtesy of the city of Philadelphia