Friday, October 30, 2009

City Preparing Bike Parking Plans

As the 12 Midnight strike deadline approaches City Bicycle and Pedestrian Coordinator Charles Carmalt continues to prepare bike parking plans for Center City. Details are sketchy right now but a manned bike station will be set up at either City Hall or the Municipal Services Building on Monday. They are also looking into setting up temporary bike racks at key locations in Center City. And as always we encourage building managers and employers to let employees take their bikes up the freight elevator.

Taking your bike on SEPTA will be a challenge, Inbound to Center City you should have plenty of room on most trains after 10:30AM. Outbound plan to leave Center City Stations before 2pm or after 7:30 PM as SEPTA will be setting up queues for the long lines inside the stations to avoid crowding on platforms. A better option if possible is to lock your bike at the station. Many SEPTA stations inside the City now have bike racks, a change from 2005.

Getting to the Stadiums this weekend, right now there are no solid plans for valet bike parking for the World Series at Citizens Bank Park this weekend, although it remains a possibility. Regardless its only about 20-25 minute bike ride from 10th and Pine St down to 10th Street to get to the stadium. There are two bike racks, one at the first base entrance (Pattison and Darien St) and a smaller rack at the right field gates (Darien and Phillies Drive). There is also plenty of iron rail fences along Phillies Drive between the Left and Right Field gates.

There are no bike racks at Lincoln Financial Field or the Spectrum but the iron fences around the parking areas are plentiful.

Sunday, October 25, 2009

SEPTA Workers Authorize Strike

According to SEPTA workers have authorized to strike with the added pressure of the Phillies-Yankees World Series next weekend. TWU President Willie Brown was quoted as saying "This is the last week we're going to work without a contract."